Slide 75% of manual trades result in a financial loss.
It is time to try a reliable automated trading solution

If you need a definition, Investopedia describes arbitrage as “the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from an imbalance in the price. It is a trade that profits by exploiting the price differences of identical or similar financial instruments on different markets or in different forms.”

On a regular day, we can see arbitrage differences up to 20% between markets.

In other words, buy low and sell high(er)!

1. Compare Trading Pairs

Once a trading session has been started our system scans and compares all the exchanges on the market for trading pairs with volatility.

2. Trade the most profitable pairs

The A.I. starts buying at the lowest price and sells at the highest price between exchanges. The process is automatically executed, on a matter of milliseconds, therefore price fluctuations are avoided.

3. Repeat

Once a trading session is completed your funds are unlocked and are available for a new trading session. Alternatively, you can withdraw your balance.

Another utility token?
Yes. And we will explain why. For the long term, we envisioned HASCAP as a decentralized autonomous organization. A DAO. The token will be used for governance.

For its day to day utility, the token will unlock certain features and perks in the platform based on the amount in the wallet — i.e. the token will be mandatory when using the trading function of the platform.


The trading function requires the use of HCAP tokens. After the token generation event the trading function will be available only to the owners of the HCAP token.


Holding and using more tokens can supercharge your trading experience by unlocking extra functions which are not available to the general user, i.e. chained training sessions, notifications and more


Any user having HCAP tokens in its wallet has the right to vote for future updates that he wishes to see implemented.



Crypto exchanges do not let you deposit, withdraw, or trade for free. They charge a definite percentage of the money as fees. So you need to include the fees while calculating the profit made from arbitrage.

Large trades provide better profit

Profits from arbitrage might be quite small after all the processing delays and fees that apply. To be able to make huge profits from arbitrage, you need to increase the trade volume.

Withdrawal limits

When you place large trades, you need to keep in mind that exchanges have specific withdrawal limits. So you may not be able to withdraw the crypto balance from your wallet on the same day.


Each cryptocurrency transaction may take at least 10 minutes to be completed and verified by the miners. Within this period, the market may move against you, and you may lose your potential arbitrage profit.

Slower transactions

With no API access and with a surge in the trading volume on the global cryptocurrency markets, transactions take a longer time to be processed and verified.


There may be more traders looking for arbitrage, and this may lead to changes in the trading volumes on different exchanges which reduces arbitrage opportunities for others.


No Fees

There are no fees. Our service fees are deducted from successful trades. When a trading session is completed, if the session generated profit, a small cut is deducted from the profit.

Large trades provide better profit

By connecting our system with the exchanges and having liquidity in the market we managed to reduce the operational fees therefore removing the need of a larger investment.

Withdrawal limits

We have no limits regarding withdrawals. It simply feels wrong limiting or gating users of their funds.


We don't like to repeat but by combining our trading procedures with liquidity spread throughout the market we solved the timing issue. Missing opportunities was never an option.

Faster transactions

State of the art architecture. Direct integration with every exchange market for instant transactions. Custom gas values. Full trading automation.

Less Competition

In truth, competition is a problem when trading manually because most of the time is spent performing redundant tasks (switching tabs, comparing, re logging sessions). Our automated trading system does not feel the pressure of competition due to the speed at which the transactions are performed.
Let’s do one more recap about traditional arbitrage

In traditional arbitrage you will pay fees

By the time you purchase cryptocurrency and have it validated by the miners, the market may move for or against you. When you sell it at another exchange, the price may vary, so you may not receive the profit you were hoping for. Another factor that people don’t look for is the extra fees, which decrease the profit by a decent margin. Suppose you earn a gain of 3% or $30 on the crypto and while selling it at another exchange, you need to pay 1% trading fees. The profit is cut down to 2% or 20$.

Using traditional methods profit will be harder to obtain

Arbitrage also increases the price of the cryptocurrency at the exchange you buy from, and an adverse effect is caused at the exchange where you sell the crypto. This causes the price to move closer, making it more difficult for the next trader to earn profit via arbitrage.

In traditional arbitrage emotional investment may intervene

In the initial crypto days, the trades were manually done. But with advancements in technology, computerised trading took over. The price fluctuations are now monitored 24/7, and trades are executed almost instantaneously. This eliminated price errors and thus lowered the chances of arbitrage opportunities.

In traditional arbitrage.. you need to be everywhere

To be able to recognize differences across various exchanges, you need to access multiple listings at once. This can be much easier if you use arbitrage tools and software. Since the cryptocurrency exchange operates 24/7/365, there is nothing to stop it.

Manual arbitrage seems too much?


No trading knowledge necessary, no emotional investment, 24/7 uptime with liquidity covered throughout the market – for you!

We cover all the hard work, so that you can enjoy the most pleasant trading experience.

Join us and start your trial today!

Getting started
It’s simple

Creating an account

In order to use our service, an account is required. You can register and proceed with a trial account.

Making your first deposit

In order to trade you need a balance. For a trial account the minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC or 0.1 ETH.

Start your first trading session

Click Start Trading, pick your balance and click start trading. One click and the A.I. takes care of the rest. A trading session takes 24 hours.

No emotional investment

Everything is automated. Our A.I. has no emotions.

24/7 uptime

We trade any time, even during weekends or holidays.

Auto stop loss

In a bad scenario the price equalizes and the A.I. sells at the same price.

There are no fees in order to use our service. You read that right. How, you may wonder? In case of a successful trading session, our system deducts a small percentage of the profit.

Can’t find something? Send us a message.

What is HASCAP?

HASCAP LTD is a company based in London. We provide one of the most advanced arbitrage A.I. powered trading platform. Our innovative platform provides financial access for anyone seeking investment returns anywhere, anytime. Our ecosystem aims at making finance an everyday enriching activity.

Where is HASCAP developed?

HASCAP LTD is developed, hosted and regulated in London with the company registration number of 12642474.

Is HASCAP safe?

Our platform meets all the required safety standards that are required from cryptocurrency industry. Our servers are secured by state-of-the-art technologies.

How can I contact HASCAP?

You can contact HASCAP at or by using our live chat located at the bottom right side of your screen.

What payment options do you accept?

Currently, trading sessions can only be started using Bitcoin and Ethereum. We have in our pipeline to expand and accept several altcoins but it is not a priority at the moment.

After I request a withdrawal, when will I receive funds in my wallet?

Withdrawals are processed instantly. In rare cases of delay, the ETA is up to 24 business hours.

Are there any withdrawals fee?

There are no withdrawal fees.

Why is my withdrawal pending?

Withdrawals are processed once they have been cleared by our fraud-prevention systems. This may take up to 24 business hours.

Do I need trading knowledge to use HASCAP?

No. This is a core principle of our service. Everything automated and as easy to use as possible. While on the Dashboard, you are 3 clicks away from starting a trading session. It is that simple.

How do I get started?

Getting up and running is quick and easy. First step, create an account here. Once your account has been activated, you will need to top up your balance through a deposit. As a trial account your account is limited to only two trading sessions.

How to deposit

Creating a deposit is simple. Head toward the deposit page, select the currency and enter the amount you wish to deposit. After pressing proceed you will receive a wallet address. Send the amount previously entered toward that address.

Minimum deposit

The minimum amount for a deposit is starting from 0.005 BTC or 0.1 ETH

How to trade

Trading revolves around trading sessions. A trading session lasts for 24 hours. During this time the funds that have been used for the session are locked and cannot be subject of an withdrawal. Funds are released once a trading session has ended.

Depending on your trading package you may have access to chained sessions, sessions spawned on multiple days.

In order to start a trading session, access the trading page. On the trading page, enter the amount you wish to trade. On the left side you have trading sessions for BTC, on the right side for ETH. Both coins can be traded simultaneously. After entering the amount press “START TRADE”. That simple!

Service fees

There are NO service fees. When you start an arbitrary trading session, our A.I. works toward generating profit. If a trading session generates profit, we retain 10% of the aforementioned profit.

How it works

Once a trading session has been started our system scans and compares all the exchanges on the market for trading pairs with volatility.

The A.I. starts buying at the lowest price and sells at the highest price between exchanges. The process is automatically executed, on a matter of milliseconds, therefore price fluctuations are avoided.

Once a trading session is completed your funds are unlocked and are available for a new trading session. Alternatively, you can withdraw your balance.

Is KYC mandatory?

We have aligned our security standards on pair with Binance VIP. Therefore, KYC is mandatory in a similar manner with a Binance VIP account, for balances above 2 BTC.

Is arbitrage trading legal?

Yes, cryptocurrency arbitrage is legal. Each exchange offers its own rate for a specific cryptocurrency. This price is approximately the same across all exchanges, but sometimes there is a deviation of about 5-10% or rarely as high as 20%.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, highly volatile, and the market is still in the initial stages of development. Due to this, arbitrage opportunities arise and are more frequent compared to other markets.

Crypto arbitrage rises due to market inefficiency and not due to the actions of an individual or group of individuals. However, as more traders engage in arbitrage, there are bound to be lesser opportunities for others as such traders immediately nullify the price difference. As you already know, arbitrage helps the market to stabilise and increases the trade volumes on various exchanges.


Taxes and regulations

It is easy to forget that you have to pay taxes on your crypto trades. Although the rules vary in different domains, you may want to estimate the amount of taxes you will need to pay per trade when calculating arbitrage costs and potential profits.

On what currency are you trading?

For deposits we support only BTC and ETH. While a trading session is running, we trade in/against multiple coins. If a session is to award profit, it will be in the same currency as the one used to start the session.

What is TGE

TGE stands for Token Generating Event. At that moment our utility tokens are being generated and distributed based on our vesting scheme.

When will the whitepaper be published

Our whitepaper will be published before the contribution process.


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Our plans for the future

Our roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.