Token Sale Completed & When Can We Trade?

Aaaand it is a wrap!

We have officially concluded our token sale and we want to thank every contributor and every trader that supported us throughout the past month. We wouldn’t have reached this milestone without you!

Our smart contract being a trusty and reliable friend, as promised, any unsold token has been burned. More exactly, 886,967 HCAP tokens have been burned.


What follows?

Trading using HCAP tokens

As per our white paper, we aim in the following week to launch an update which will implement trading using the HCAP tokens. The deadline for said update, as per our whitepaper, is 30 days from the end of the public sale, which was Friday 8th of May.


For the next 30 days the HCAP tokens are locked due to our public vesting scheme. During this time we will focus on providing exchange markets. The first market will be Uniswap. Additionally we are in discussions with several centralized exchanges.

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