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Token Sale Completed & When Can We Trade?

Aaaand it is a wrap!

We have officially concluded our token sale and we want to thank every contributor and every trader that supported us throughout the past month. We wouldn’t have reached this milestone without you!

Our smart contract being a trusty and reliable friend, as promised, any unsold token has been burned. More exactly, 886,967 HCAP tokens have been burned.


What follows?

Trading using HCAP tokens

As per our white paper, we aim in the following week to launch an update which will implement trading using the HCAP tokens. The deadline for said update, as per our whitepaper, is 30 days from the end of the public sale, which was Friday 8th of May.


For the next 30 days the HCAP tokens are locked due to our public vesting scheme. During this time we will focus on providing exchange markets. The first market will be Uniswap. Additionally we are in discussions with several centralized exchanges.

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Updated Paper

Hello traders,

We have updated our paper with additional information covering the utility of the token, how are the HCAP tokens going to be used after the public sale, token economics and methods to avoid liquidity scarcity. You can read the updated paper here. In the meantime, we are preparing another update for the paper which will address the reduced transparency regarding the team.

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Token Sale

We have a date and you should mark it in your calendar. The token sale is happening Friday, 9th of April, 12:00 UTC time.

The lite paper has been updated to cover the two token sale phases, the Private Sale and the Public Sale.  The entire token sale will run for 4 weeks, each phase lasting for 2 weeks or until the designated cap is reached. The tokens are going to be distributed immediately but they become tradable after 30 days since the end of the Public Sale. During the sale, the ETH price is pegged at 2000 USD.

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We took some extra days to make sure that everything will happen as planned and we refined the entire process, from contributing to the smart contract to converting your current balance into tokens. Everything has been tested, reviewed and internally audited several times. We are good to go 👍

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HCAP Token Lite Paper

Hello traders,

Long time no talk. Don’t worry, it is not you, it was us. We have been busy, closely monitoring and tinkering the trading engine in its first month of BTC and ETH trading. Simultaneously we were preparing the contribution and everything related to it.


Before we get to the spicy part, let’s talk some info graphics. In a month since trading was implemented we have achieved the following:

Over 2000
trading sessions
99.9% uptime
on the trading engine
Over $485k
in withdrawals


As previously mentioned, our goal was to release a paper before our sale, as a standard for any project. With our A.I. being proprietary code we cannot release a white paper in its true sense as we cannot include snippets of code. While we are trying to get a middle ground on this matter, we are releasing this bigger lite paper. We will follow up with a white paper during contribution which will be based on this lite paper and will include further instructions how the HCAP token will integrate with the platform.


Read The Lite Paper


We will soon announce our token sale on Twitter and follow up with an update which will include the packages in the dashboard along with the contribution page. We will follow with another blog post regarding the sale.

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